Thứ Năm, 13 tháng 1, 2011

PuppyGirls In Traffic
Description: Help the girls jump over rabid fans, dodge pushy photographers and avoid bothersome birds and bouncing tiles.
How To Play: Left / Right Arrow Keys - Move.
Up Arrow Key - Jump.
X - Switch Girls.

 PuppyGirls Submarine

Description: Help Ami and Yumi blast their way to play their underwater concert!
How To Play: Arrow Keys - Move.
X - Switch Girls.
Spacebar - Shoot.

Capricho Ice Cream

Description: Collect for as many ice cream as you can while dodging obstacles.
How To Play: This game is played with mouse only.

Spongebob Balloon

Description: Avoid jellyfish while collecting good items along the way.
How To Play: This game is played with mouse only.

Statetris Europe
Description: Piece together the countries and cities of Europe in a geography puzzle challenge!

Put the countries and cities in their correct places.

Tip: Locations dropping from the top of the screen can only be placed on already placed locations.
How To Play: Left/Right arrow keys - Move.
Up arrow key - Rotate.
Down arrow key - Drop.